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IDEE MOBEL – OEM Woodworking Factory
Wooden furniture, premiums, souvenirs
wooden boxes, wooden crates, wooden trays, and custom wood crafts

We offer a full range of OEM woodworking production in a variety of styles for products or premiums and souvenirs for various occasions. We place great emphasis on quality and attention to details. With more than 30 years of experience, we have gained trust from many leading brands to produce premiums such as wooden crates and coasters for Starbucks and Tom N Toms, wooden trays for Peace Oriental Teahouse, wooden cover notebooks for Panel Plus, wooden bicycle handlebars and fenders for Wheels, business card cases and pen holders for Mercure Hotel, mobile phone stands for Mitr Phol, and chocolate boxes for Siam Kempinski Hotel.

OEM Products

wooden boxes / crates

wooden trays

wooden premiums / souvenirs

wooden photo frames

small wooden furniture

wooden signs / shields


We produce high-quality woodwork in various styles, and we are ready to give you advice on materials and product cost.

We are experts in woodworking and marketing, so we know deeply about materials. We can recommend high-quality wood suitable for your production cost.

Creating unique and neat woodwork is not easy as it requires both good production equipment and technicians who pay attention to details. At IDEE MOBEL’s factory, we have a team of technicians who have been working together for many years like family. With their skilful craftsmanship, we can create the work with pleasure and attention to every detail before passing on highest-quality work from our family to customers with great pride.

There are many types of wood available in the market with a variety of properties and durability. Selection of wood is at the heart of production and determines if the work will come out good or not. With more than 30 years of experience, we are able to select wood and other materials suitable for the workpiece with an emphasis on quality and durability.

Different types of wood

Real wood  is commonly used for processing into various products depends on the needs of consumers in terms of price, quality, and application. The most popular real wood in the market includes rubber wood, pine, ash, oak and many more. The quality and prices will vary.

Walnut Wood

Teak Wood

Rubber Wood

Durian Wood

Pine Wood

Red Wood / Iron Wood

Ash Wood

Raintree Wood

Red Oak Wood

Maple Wood

White Oak Wood

Mahogany Wood

Wood alternatives As wood is a natural resource and is in great demand in the market, humans have used technology and innovations to create wood alternatives that can be used instead of real wood to conserve natural resources. There are many popular wood alternatives in the market such as MDF, particle board, veneer as well as various types of plywood and wood stick.

MDF : Medium Density Fiberboard

Partible Board

Veneer Wood

Wood Moulding

Paint work on wood and wood cladding work

Painting (coating, staining, spray painting on wood) or wood finishing can
be done in many ways.

Solid paint

The paint is solid and smooth. The wood surface is smooth, beautiful, without burrs. It does not show the wood grain but will protect the wood surface from moisture and swelling. For this type of paint, you can choose the level of gloss and matt.

Splinter dyeing to show wood grain

This type of paint fills the groove to make the wood smooth, without burrs. The wood grain is still visible and it will protect the wood surface from moisture and swelling. For this type of paint, you can choose the level of gloss and matt.

Hi-gloss paint

It is a special glossy paint to add a touch of luxury to the products such as watch boxes, jewelry boxes, tea boxes, etc. It will also protect the wood surface from moisture and swelling.

Oil polishing to show the wood grain and add luster to the wood

A special type of oil polishing is used to make the wood grain clear and stand out. It will also add the wood texture to give the wood a natural look and clearly beautiful patterns. However, oil polishing does not protect the wood. Therefore, it is not popular in products that require high durability.

Food grade clear coating

This technique uses clear coating with wooden kitchen products. The wood grain is clear and beautiful. In addition, kitchen utensils must be washed regularly. Therefore, food grade clear coating will help prevent moisture from rinsing and it is not harmful to health.

Surface closing

It is the use of alternative materials made from various grades of paper to make wood grains and cover them with glue on the wood. It is also known as laminate. We can select many wood grains and patterns. However, the strength and durability will not be as good as paint on wood.

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