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We are one of the best woodworking manufacturers in Thailand with a comprehensive service in terms of materials, design, and quality control in every step to ensure that every piece of woodwork will come out perfectly.


Beautiful design
and customizable

Quality control
in every step

High production

Getting to know IDEE MOBEL


Mr. Jirayut Veerawattananont founded the company with only 4 employees to produce wooden frames and wholesale to photoshops all over Bangkok.

1985 – 1995

We produced picture frames in Kanok pattern and expanded to provincial markets around Thailand. 

1995 - 2000

As western style painted wooden frames became popular, we started to tap into the US market with Milano Series as our distributor.

2000 - 2010

We started exporting high-quality painted wooden frames to European markets such as Italy, Germany, and France. We also developed more home decoration products.

2010 - 2014

We produced small home decoration items and sold in Japan with Yamada Company as our distributor.

2014 - Present

IDEE MOBEL Co., Ltd. has continuously developed and expanded its product line. Our strength lies in “Lifestyle Support” products with practical function and beautiful design suitable for modern people under MOBEL brand. We also offer high-quality woodworking production services with standards for customers who want to build their own brand. In addition, we are also a woodworking factory for leading brands around the world.

"Over 30 years... we are proud to provide high-quality wood products to our customers with the motto “customer satisfaction is our happiness".

Idee Mobel Co., Ltd.
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